Terms & Conditions

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YBM 19 Exhibition Booking Terms & Conditions

  1. LOCATION: Exhibition spaces 2m, 3m, or 4m wide by approximately 1.5m deep will be marked out on the carpeted floor, ideal for pop-up banners or flat panel display systems behind a table-top display. Shell schemes and side walls are not permitted unless pre-agreed as they obstruct the view of adjacent stands.  A few extra-large outdoor spaces may also be available.
  2. STAND SELECTION: The planned stand layout can be seen on the website at www.yorkshirebusinessmarket.co.uk . Exhibitors may select their preferred locations out of those available when full payment has been received.
  3. POWER SUPPLY: Access to a power supply (13 amps) is now included for all indoor spaces. Bring your own PAT tested extension cable and adaptors. Cables must not be laid across gangways or exits.  No extra charge for power.
  4. TIMING: 07.45 to 09.30 Monday 29th April for assembly. Dismantle between 16.00 and 18.00 Monday 29th April 2019. Visitors will be admitted between 10.00 and 15.30. Exhibitors must NOT breakdown any displays before 16.00 for the safety of our visitors and other Exhibitors. Wait for the announcement before packing up.
  5. REFRESHMENTS: Food and drink should NOT be brought in to your stand for serving to visitors without prior permission. (Sweets, chocolates & cakes are allowed!)
  6. REPRESENTATIVES: Stand spaces will only accommodate limited numbers of representatives at any one time: namely Small = 2, Medium = 3, Large = 4. Stands must not be shared or sub-let. Your representatives, customers and guests must not promote or distribute literature on behalf of any other businesses or organisations.
  7. ADDITIONAL STAFF & GUESTS: are welcome. Exhibitors may invite other members of staff or friends (over 16 yrs old) from other businesses to visit the Yorkshire Business Market but they must all pre-register on-line. Unidentified visitors will not be admitted to the Market or Associated areas for security reasons.
  8. STAND FURNITURE: Tables are included at no extra cost within the allotted spaces but they must be pre-ordered. Small spaces are limited to one small table (size approx 900 x 900 x 710mm). Medium spaces are limited to one large table and large spaces may have 1 or 2 tables (approx 1820 x 745 x 740mm). Chairs are available free on request. All display equipment and furniture must be kept within the marked-out spaces and not spill out into gangways or exits.
  9. LITERATURE: Exhibitors must not distribute any literature, etc., around the Exhibition Halls, refreshment areas or lobbies, etc – only from their own stands. Non-exhibitor’s sales literature is also prohibited in the Yorkshire Business Market.
  10. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT: No sound may be played on any electrical appliances in the exhibition, as it may interfere with other Exhibitors or the public address system. Silent computer displays are acceptable. Portable electrical appliances and cables must have current PAT Test Certificates.
  11. INTERNET: FREE wi-fi access for e-mails and web surfing only will be available using a common password.
  12. PROMOTION: All Exhibitors are encouraged to take advantage of the YBM marketing by like, share of copy to their current and potential customers. If you plan to offer a Prize Draw or Competition on your Stand then we can promote this on the YBM website if you provide details in advance. Please post regular updates on social media about YBM and tag the event so we can find and share your message. Please use #YBM19
  13. PAYMENT & CANCELLATION TERMS: Payment is due at time of ordering your preferred space will be confirmed as soon as possible after we receive confirmation of payment. If an Exhibitor needs to cancel their booking for any reason prior to midnight on 31th March, an administration fee of £100 will be charged. Thereafter all fees are due and are non-refundable. In the unlikely event of cancellation of the Business Market due to unforeseen circumstances, our full liability will be limited to refunding the fees paid.
  14. LIABILITY: Exhibitors’ staff shall comply with all applicable Health & Safety and Fire Regulations, including any relating to the premises which are displayed in the premises. Yorkshire Business Market Ltd, Pavilions of Harrogate and The Yorkshire Society accept no responsibility whatsoever for any injury, loss or damage to exhibitors’ staff and equipment or for any disruption to electricity, water, drainage or sewage services for whatever reason. Exhibitors should arrange adequate insurance cover for themselves, their staff, products and equipment and for consequential claims or third party losses.
  15. Yorkshire Business Market reserve the right to change the event’s layout, format and location if deemed necessary for the successful management of the event and will inform exhibitors and participants at the time of any such change at the earliest opportunity.

Exhibitors shall also indemnify the aforesaid Organisations from and against all expenses, liabilities, losses, claims or proceedings whatsoever arising as a result of personal injury to or the death of any Visitor or Venue or Organisers Staff or Contractors and for any damage to the premises for which they, their servants or agents are responsible.