About Us

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About Us

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Yorkshire Business Market was established to create an opportunity for Yorkshire companies, large and small, to promote their business and learn from each other. After 14 successful years, Yorkshire Business Market has now joined forces with The Yorkshire Society to increase its size, scope and reach, making attendance even more productive.

Building on the success to date, our flagship event on 29th April 2019 will include some changes and innovations designed to make it even better for both exhibitors and visitors.

The Yorkshire Society is a not-for-profit organisation that celebrates and promotes everything that is great about Yorkshire, including business and increasingly its economy. The Society is a pro-business membership organisation with important connections and is now responsible for a number of significant events, such as the official civic celebrations for Yorkshire Day, held in a different town or city every year, and the Yorkshire Awards, the County’s premier award recognising those whose achievement Yorkshire can be proud of.

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The acquisition of Yorkshire Business Market by The Yorkshire Society adds another important event to the portfolio and provides Yorkshire Business Market with an opportunity to expand the current event and add to it with other events and activities designed to help Yorkshire businesses do more business.

Exhibitors and visitors to the 2019 Yorkshire Business Market will see the difference this combined effort makes with a new energy and attention on encouraging trade between exhibitors and visitors, a broader range of industries and sectors represented to increase visitor numbers and a host of big names sharing the secrets of their success.

Members of The Yorkshire Society will have access to exclusive areas of the Yorkshire Business Market, benefit from special offers and activities at the event and enjoy extra promotional opportunities before, during and after it.